Straight to the point: Domain Driven Design

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2 min readJun 22, 2023


As part of my Individual Development Program (IDP), I have been devoted to studying the theory of knowledge I have acquired throughout my career as a Swift developer. This article details my studies based on the book “Domain-Driven Design”.

First Impressions

One of the most interesting points of the book was standardizing team communication by using the names of the design patterns employed. When all team members, including the Product Owner (PO) and the Scrum Master (SM), understand the meaning of each pattern that comprises the project, they can actively contribute and follow along in technical discussions, positively impacting the project’s construction.

The second equally essential point lies in the significance of defining the domain and model in the solution design. Initiating a project by first focusing on constructing the domain, comprehending the core models, accelerates architectural ideation and the ongoing development of the project.

After reading and absorbing the book’s content, I noticed personal differences in team discussions and parallel project development. Indeed, considering the models, constructing the data and its manipulation rules before implementing the user interface and other code, aids both in development speed and the final delivered quality.

Final thoughts

The concepts presented in the book “Domain-Driven Design” are extremely valuable and can significantly contribute to professional growth. However, it is essential to understand that their effective application requires comprehensive work on the entire project, rather than being just an isolated practice.

By absorbing this knowledge through reading, it is possible to gain advantages by using the correct terminology and reasoning during project meetings.

Personally, after exploring the ideas presented in the book, I have witnessed a gradual transformation in my approach and have started considering solutions in a completely different way.

I sincerely appreciate your readership until the end of this article.

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